Undercoating and rust proofing service in Winnipeg

Rust Proofing & Under Coating

Rust proofing and undercoating is another service we offer but often overlooked by our customers. Rust proofing your vehicle is as important like changing you vehicles oil on a quarterly basis. Same goes with rust proofing your vehicle at least 1x for a period of 1-2 years for proper rust protection.

If your vehicle has existing rust, you no need to worry because our gel or oil base rustproofing and undercoating solution BEST works for your vehicle!

Our Oil base rust solution has self-healing properties that is designed to displace moisture and remove oxygen. Even rust is present our gel / oil rust solution will stop the oxidation and will create a barrier to protects against the elements.

Our Oil base rust proofing and undercoating is the key for your vehicles rust prevention and extend your vehicles life for many years to come.

Be Knowledgeable on the rust proofing and undercoating service that is RIGHT and the BEST for your vehicle!

Here’s our rust proofing process

1. We first thorough wash the vehicles exterior and under carriage using our pressure washer and under carriage washer.

2. We make sure all debris are properly taken out by washing your vehicles

undercarriage and spraying degreaser for proper decontamination of under carriage, doors, step sills and hood before we apply our rust protection.

3. We then proceed in Properly drying your vehicle with our air mover taking excess water out before solution application.

4. We drill 1/2 inch holes on doors and step sills to apply our rust proof solution and install rubber plug soon after rust protection solution is applied.

5. We take off all wheel front and back to apply rust protection solution for wheel well area and proceed with under carriage rust protection by spraying inside undercarriage frames and undercarriage surface.

6. Lastly we do final inspection to make sure all key areas covered for proper rust protection.

Sample pricing for rust proofing on all doors, step sills, hood and trunk door

Sample Pricing for Rust Proofing starting @

$200+tax for 2 door coupe / 4 door sedan

$220+tax for Family Van, SUV & Trucks

Sample Pricing for Under Coating starting @

$250+tax for 2 door coupe / 4 door sedan

$300+tax for SUV 

$400+tax for Mini Van  & Trucks

**We Charge more for extra rusty vehicles that needs more primer coating prior to undercoating and rust proofing** 


**Service could take 6-8hrs for proper prep and curing time, service is only done in our shop and not mobile**

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Undercoating and rust proofing in Winnipeg
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