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Amsoil FullySynthetic signature series oil change service

Oil Change Service with Amsoil Fully Synthetic Motor oil / Mechanical Service for your vehicle 

Amsoil Fully Synthetic Oil change service
Amsoil Fully synthetic motor oils sales and service

We do oil change service in our shop using Amsoil fully synthetic motor oil and we retail them too! Yes we retail any Amsoil product you may need from fully synthetic motor oil, transmission oil, fuel enhancer from 2 strokes to 8 cylinder motor we have it!

We only offer the BEST Fully synthetic motor oil in the market from Amsoil! Starting @ $19.59+tax/Liter

for oe series fully synthetic motor oil.

Whether it's for your maintenance oil change service or any fully synthetic motor oil you may need we can help you get that Amsoil product you may need for whatever motor vehicle you may have! 


Our oil change service could take from 20-30 Minutes

(This Service is not available for mobile service)

Sample Pricing 

5L OE series fully synthetic motor oil 

$160+tax (oil filter included)

($19.59+tax oe series fully synthetic motor oil for extra Liter you may need )

  $5+tax oil disposal

To Purchase Any Amsoil Products 

Mechanical Service shop rate @$120/hour

We are MPI Certified vehicle safety inspection station

we service your vehicles motors, breaks, suspension or any mechanical service your vehicle requires we can help you with it too! 

Winnipeg's best proper car care

Please tell us what service you require

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