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Paint and Restoration Repairs


We simply save your $50K vehicle the right way! We don’t just slap bondo on those rusted panel

But rather treat it professionally by sanding it down to bare metal, cut the rusted part and weld a new liner to it.

Some of our customers go to us saying they just got their panel repair or repainted and a few weeks after it was repainted, bubbles on paint pops up! Simply because whoever did their paint just slaps bondo on top of their rusted panel!

If your looking for affordable top notch quality paint and rust repair works we can help you with it!

We don’t 2nd guess on what to do to service your vehicle specially when it comes to paint, dent and rust restoration repairs. Our techs licensed and top notch with more than 25yrs experience in proper car paint, dent and restoration rust repairs.

Depending on vehicles condition We charge $550+tax per panel for paint and rust repair. We charge more for extra rusty vehicles that requires more repair works, Service normally take 3-5 days depending on vehicles condition.

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