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Rims & Tires

4runner toyota on 33's tires
Tires and Rire changing machines
4runner toyota and all terrain tires

Low interest financing on winter tires is available!

We offer MPI winter tire program that covers Winter tires and rims!

We have huge selection of tires and rims available for most makes and model!

$0 cash out, no credit check required for MPI winter tire program with up to $2000 limit and maximum 4 yrs term for as low as $39/month for tires and rims installed, Wheel mount and balance included.

We carry Superspeed rims and Avid rims in our shop and we can help you get financing through winter MPI winter tire program.


Needing tires on rims swap?

Yes we do Starting from $39.99+tax!

Tires to Rims Install Starting from $39.99+tax each!

We offer free 1yr flat tire repair for every set of tires purchase from us! (Conditions apply)

Flat tire repair for only $30+tax, Tires on rims seasonal swap for only $15+tax per tire for small cars and sedans and 20+tax for SUV, Family Van and Trucks!

Tire changing machine and tires installation
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