Hsd3 Automotive & Detailing

Car Detailing Interiors FAQ's

*Do you come to me?

Yes! We travel all across Winnipeg and surrounding areas! We’d clean the interior at your home, apartment or work location. It makes life much easier for you

*How long does this service take?

It all depends on your vehicles condition, generally speaking it can take between 3-5 hours. We’ve worked on a regular cab truck for 4 hours due to it’s condition being bad. On the other hand we’ve completed an SUV in 2.5 hours since it was an average condition.

*Do you remove seats?

At this time, we do not. Your seats are one of the most important parts of your vehicle in keeping you safe. We would not want to disconnect or move anything around that would compromise that. We have several machines and brushes that allows us to thoroughly clean around the seat to remove most stains.

*Will i smell chemicals in my car once you’re done?

Absolutely not! That would be terrible. We do not use harsh chemicals for anything. Everything is biodegradable and safe within the scope of work we do.

*What tools and product do you use?

As you can imagine, we have plenty of tools, products and machine to get the job done. We have extractors, polishers, steamers, brushes, etc.. Some of the brands we use are Chemical guys, Super Clean, Meguiars and plenty more.

*How long does it take for my seats and carpet to dry?

When it’s warm outside during spring and summer months it’s normally 85% dry after we’re done but during cold months then it takes longer for your interior to dry due to the climate, and often we ask most of our customers to leave their car open when parked inside their garage for faster drying time.

*Can you remove every stain?

Due to the nature of stains and the material it’s on, some will come off better than others. We have extensive knowledge, experience and use premium tools, products and machines but even with all that if a stain has been there long enough, it can only be cleaned so much.

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