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Automotive Service

in Winnipeg

MPI Certified Vehicle safety inspection station.
Mechanical service, Autobody and Glass

 A+ BBB Certified Business and MPI Certified Vehicle safety inspection station 

Operation Hours

Mon - Sat : 9am - 6pm,

Sun: Close

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Shop Address

11 Valde Ave. Unit C

Winnipeg MB

Winnipeg's Best Mobile Auto Detailer

Washing the Car

Car Detailing for Interior

Detailing Includes : Interior Vacuum, Carpet & Seat Shampoo, Reconditioning Leather and vinyl interiors, Steam Clean & Extractor, clean upholstery, Stain Removal, Pet Hair Removal (may include additional charge) Salt & Stain Removal, Odor removal, A clean car interior is another key of keeping a healthy you. And detailing your car interiors will make you feel your car is new again and a thorough cleaning will always bring out that new car feel! Interior detailing is one of our most popular service we offer.

Mobile Car Wash and Wax

We offer a simple wash and wax just for proper upkeep for your vehicles exterior

Car Wash and Wax adds Shine and Protection for your cars paint, a basic wash and spray wax is always a great option for basic upkeep service for your vehicles exteriors.

Engine Cleaning & Detailing

Your Engine Will Look 10x Better

Whether you just purchased your vehicle, plan on selling it, or just want to give it some well needed TLC, your engine will look much better once we’re done.

Not only does a clean engine bay make your car look better, but it helps you diagnose car problems easier. You’ll be able to quickly tell where the cause of leak is or if anything has torn.

(PPF) Self Healing Paint Protection Film

Self healing Paint Protection Film is the Greatest protection that you can apply to your vehicles paint. With paint protection film you will no longer have to worry about stone chips along your front end of your car that is ultimately an eyesore once you have it!

Paint &Restoration Repairs

We simply save your $50K vehicle the right way! We don’t just slap bondo on those rusted panel

But rather treat it professionally by sanding it down to bare metal, cut the rusted part and weld a new liner to it.

Some of our customers go to us saying they just got their panel repair or repainted and a few weeks after it was repainted, bubbles on paint pops up!

Simply because whoever did their paint just slaps bondo on top of their rusted panel!


Paint Correction Ceramic Coating

With paint correction, you can remove up to 95% of those swirls and scratches to bring out an incredible shine and gloss for your vehicle.The biggest culprit is usually improper washing and drying methods. Automatic car washes, using low-quality towels or wash mitts can all lead to abrading your paint and installing imperfections.

Air Suspension
Parts and Install

If Your looking for affordable air suspension installation, parts and everything you needed for your static ride we can help you get that air ride that is right on a budget build. We sell, install and service air suspension ride from air bags to air tank for a complete hassle free air suspension. 

We sell Rims and Tires too and yes we do MPI Financing for winter tire program

Rust Proofing &
Under Coating

Rust proofing and undercoating is another service we offer but often overlooked by our customers. Rust proofing your vehicle is as important like changing you vehicles oil on a quarterly basis. Same goes with rust proofing your vehicle at least 1x for a period of 1-2 years for proper rust protection.

MPI vehicle safety inspection station and Mechanical service

We are your MPI certified vehicle safety inspection station that offers a complete and affordable vehicle safety inspection and repair service. Affordable our shop rate

 @ $90/hr

Rims & Tires

We are MPI Certified Winter tire retail partner with wide variety of rims and tires options available for you to choose from. We carry most tire brand available in the market and after market rims options too.

Shop rate for mechanical service @ $90/hr. We are MPI certified vehicle safety inspection station and We have the most affordable rates in town and service second to none! We have licensed techs with more than 20 yrs of experience in doing mechanical works to service our vehicle.

Auto Detailing Services


Premium Car Detailing Package

Full Extensive Interior Detailing

This includes extensive car detailing for interior, starting with thorough vacuum and removing loose dirt and grimes to be followed by steam cleaning and shampooing and extracting seats and carpets, Steam clean Sidings, A&B pillars, Headliners, Seat and Carpets too and to finish everything with a UV protectant vinyl and leather conditioner to give that new look interior shine and fresh interior smell for your vehicle. Disinfecting your vehicle with our hospital grade Health Canada approved disinfectant sprayer is included for this package.

For 4 door Sedans and 2 door Coupe

Starting Price range @ $200 - $300

we charge more for extra dirty vehicles

For SUV/Mini Van and Trucks 

Starting Price range @ $250 - $350

We chare more for extra dirty vehicles

Pet Hair Removal

Starting from $50 extra

If Premium car detailing service is too expensive for you we also have our Basic Upkeep car detailing Service.

Basic Upkeep Service ( Car Interior basic cleaning and wipe down Only )

This includes extensive cleaning starting with thorough vacuum and removing loose dirt and grimes wipe down every panels, Sidings, Pillars, Seat and Carpets too and to finish everything with a UV Protectant vinyl and leather conditioner to give that new look interior shine and fresh interior smell for your vehicle.


For 4 Door Sedans and 2 door coupe

Price range starting @ $150

(we don't recommend this service for extra dirty vehicles)

For SUV /Mini Van and Trucks

Price range starting @ $200

(we don't recommend this service for extra dirty vehicles)

Services we offer

* Car Detailing Full Interior Cleaning - starting from $200

* Mini-Interior Detail - starting from $150

*Hand Car Wash and Ceramic Wax -  $80 for 2 door coupe / 4 door sedan

For Mini Van / SUV / Truck - $110

* Premium Hand Wash and Carnauba Wax polish -  $130 for 2 door coupe / 4 door sedan

For Mini Van / SUV / Truck - $150

* Paint Correction - starting from $350

* Engine Cleaning for 2 door coupe / 4 door sedan - $70

For Mini Van / SUV / Truck - $90

* Paint Overspray Removal - starting from $100

* Odor Removal - starting from $100

* We charge more for extra dirty Vehicles that would take more than 5 hours to detail and we charge non refundable $39.99+tax mobile fee within city limits and non refundable $69.99+tax mobile fee for outside city limits detailing*

Tires on Rims seasonal swap starting @ $14.99+tax/tire for small cars and sedans and $14.99+tax for SUV, Family Van and Trucks. 

Flat tire repair starting from $30+tax

Tires to Rims mount and unmount starting from $39.99+tax/Tire

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Steven Fer

Best detailing experience! Hendrix is friendly and and easy to deal with, his vast knowledge and attention to detail on car detailing is remarkable. Still amazed on how he brought back an oxidized paint job to it's original state! salute to him and his group! These guys know's what they are doing! I highly recommend them and will surely be a repeat customer.

"Excellence Beyond Compare"

Biel Gabriel

Awesome job and service! Good price too for what you get. Definitely recommend! Supporting small family run businesses too


Exceeded my expectations. Customer very satisfied. Highly Recommended with 5 star ratings. Thanks HSD3 Auto Detailing!


HSD3 is great!! They did an amazing job on detailing my car, it was sparkling after! Very convenient as they came right to me and cleaned my car in the driveway. Very polite and professional team arrived and completed the work. I would use them again and recommend to everyone! Good value for the work they did.
Thanks HSD3!!!

Maria Q.

Highly recommend! They were extremely professional, punctual and very detail oriented! Bought a used car with lots of stains, dust and dirt and the car looks brand new! They got every little nook and cranny and made the car look as if it came out of a dealer! Would recommend them to anyone and will definitely use again!

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